President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov took part in the events on occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Independence of Turkmenistan

Numerous guests, who arrived to Ashgabat from different countries especially on this occasion, shared the joy of Turkmenistan citizens. 

Decorated Main Square of the country met everybody in this holiday. 

There were members of the Government, leaders of the Mejlis, military and law enforcement agencies, ministries and departments, public organizations, hyakims of velayats and Ashgabat, ambassadors of Turkmenistan to foreign countries, heads of diplomatic missions accredited in our country on the central tribune. 

Grandiose holiday was started by military parade, which demonstrated high professionalism and training of Turkmen soldiers. President of Turkmenistan, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan, Army General Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov exited “Oguzkhan” palace complex and followed along Galkynysh street by vehicle escorted by group of horse riders of guard of honour with the State Flag of Turkmenistan and President of Turkmenistan standard to the place of military parade. 

There, military personnel of all types of national army have lined up. Striking feeling of joy embraced everyone who were at the main square of the country in that moment. 

Secretary of the State Security Council, Minister of Defence Ya. Berdiyev reported to President of Turkmenistan, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan Army General Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on readiness to start the review of defensive power of our country on occasion of the 25th anniversary of the State Independence. 

Having received the report, the Leader of the Nation followed along the lines and saluted the troops. Military personnel saluted the Supreme Commander in return. 

The President of Turkmenistan went to the state tribune. 

At this moment, group of paratroopers with the State Flag of Turkmenistan landed at the Independence Square. Soldiers of special battalion of the Guard of Honour marched to the flag post. 

Secretary of the State Security Council, Minister of Defence Ya. Berdiyev asked permission of President of Turkmenistan, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan, Army General Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to start military parade with participation of personnel of Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies on occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Independence. 

The Leader of the Nation ordered to start the parade. 

The parade was opened by flag group. Soldiers of special battalion of the Guard of Honour marched with the State flag of Turkmenistan and banners of all troops of national armed forces under the sounds of ceremonial music. 

After, students of specialized military schools of the Ministry of Defence marched along the square.

Battalion of officers, the best representatives of all types of the Armed Forces of the country, who deservingly follow the traditions of glorious ancestors and honourably serve their military and citizen duty to the Motherland, marched along the square in ceremonial pace. 

They are followed by exemplary battalion of the officers of the Air Forces of the country – the protectors of peaceful air space of the Motherland. 

There were female military personnel who make considerable contribution to provision of peace and security of native land. 

Motorised infantry personnel, high achievers of theory and combat training, who are professionals in modern military equipment, marched along the state tribune. 

They were followed by the battalion of Turkmen fight pilots. After, naval battalion entered the square. Following them, personnel of anti-aircraft battalion walked along the state tribune. Paratroopers and marines marched in orderly rows. They are followed by the battalion of the General Department of civil Defence and Rescue of the Ministry of Defence. It includes military staff who are professionally skilled in response during emergency situations and elimination of their consequences. 

Rows of best cadets of the Institute of National Security and Border Guard Institute walked with battle flags. They were superseded by military personnel of department of Special Forces of the State Border Guard Service. 

Police personnel walked along the main square. March of group of horse riders became the decoration of the event. 

After, the review of modern military equipment was started. 

One after another, mechanized columns of different troops followed along the square led by special combat vehicles «Combat Guard» and «BARS». 

First column of equipment, following along the state tribune, includes special vehicles “MAN” with trailers with armoured tanks «Т-90S» and «Т-72». They are followed by modern infantry fighting vehicles “BMP – 3” and “BMP – 2D”, which represent main shock group of the ground troops of the Armed forces of the country. 

After, self-propelled artillery launchers – howitzers “2C – 1 Gvozdika” and “2C - 3 Acacia”, designated for destroy of control centres, armoured equipment and personnel of t enemy, drove. 

Cargo trailer “MAN” with anti-aircraft complexes “ZU-23-4 Shilka”, “Strela-10” and “KUB” entered the Independence Square. 

Special vehicle “BARS” appeared at the head of mechanized column on the square. 

Recently, the armed forces of the country were systematically provided with modern communication means including mobile, stationary and vehicle radios. The column includes light armoured military vehicle «Land Rover» equipped with «Rohde & Schwarz» radio communication device. 

They are followed by the special groups of «Land Rover» vehicles with snipers on board. 

For the first time, the military parade presented water treatment complexes and field kitchens on the base of «Land Rover» and «DONG FENG» vehicles. They allows providing non-stop water and food supply to military personnel during field trainings. 

The review of the armed forces was continued by the column of medical vehicles «Land Rover», «IVECO» and «DONG FENG». 

Mobile anti-tank rocket complex “Karakal” followed along the state tribune. 

At present moment, the army has armoured vehicle «NIMR». This combat vehicle, for the first time presented in the parade, is equipped with anti-tank rockets “Shershen”, tactical drones, 82mm mortars and “Browning” machine guns. 

It is followed by combat and floating armoured vehicles “BTR – 80A”, “BTR – 80M” and “BTR – 80” with mobile anti –aircraft rocket launchers. Personnel, operating this equipment, successfully performed combat assignments set during military exercises. 

Representatives of radiation, chemical and biological protection forces of the Armed Forces of the country went by in «MAN» vehicles. The vehicles are equipped with special installations and 80mm thermobaric rockets. 

The parade was continued by demonstration of military equipment of engineering forces. «MAN» vehicles and heavy bridge-building complex on “KrAZ” chassis followed along the square. 

“MAZ” first response vehicles, designated for transportation of rescue personnel during emergency situations as well as for diving works and chemical and radiation safety, entered the main square. 

Military equipment of artillery departments, having high firepower and able to hit the targets in large depth, followed in the third mechanized column in front of the state tribune. 

Gunners of the National Army appeared in front of the spectators in “MAN” tractive vehicle. They were followed by “D – 30” and “D – 20” howitzers, which are used by Turkmen militaries for combat assignments and improvement of professional skills. 

152 mm “MSTA – B” and “Giacint – B” cannons as well as “BM – 21A Belgrad” multiple rocket launchers were purchased under modernization of equipment and facility base of the Armed Forces and presented during the parade. 

There were new military equipment TATRA RM – 70, which is distinguished by high accuracy and power, among the artillery. Multiple rocket artillery complexes “BM – 21 GRAD”, 220 mm “Uragan” and 300mm “Smerch” capable to hit the targets at high depths, followed them. 

Ceremonial parade was continued by the show of military equipment of the Air and Anti-Aircraft Forces. 

“C – 300” target drone on the chassis of “MAN” vehicle as well as «WJ-600», «CH-3A», «FALKO» and «ЛА-17» multi-purpose drones, which are able to operate in any weather conditions, entered the Independence Square. This equipment is designated for reconnaissance, detection and destroy of ground targets by beam guided missiles. 

Transport with satellite equipment stations followed after. 

The parade was continued by the review of radio electronic surveillance systems and “TS – 504” tropospheric communication system on the chassis of specialized «MAN» and «DONG FENG» vehicles. 

After, military equipment providing protection of air space of our country – radio electronic control complex “Kolchuga” as well as three-dimensional radar installations YLC-2V» and «YLC-18» of radio engineering troops, which are used for detection and control of air targets on close, middle and long distances, followed. 

The forth mechanized columns included anti-aircraft complexes “Osa”, “Pechora – 2M”, “2BM”. Anti-aircraft complexes «FM-90», «FD-2000» («DM-14SD») and «KS-1A» («TM-14SD») designated for destroy of aircrafts, combat helicopters, drones, missiles, guided bombs, “air to ground” and tactical ballistic missiles under electronic interference and massive attacks, which were purchased by the Armed Forces, were demonstrated for the first time. 

The parade was continued by long-distance anti-aircraft missile complexes “C – 200B”. 

After, special vehicles of the State Border Guard Service «Toyota Hilux», «Cobra», «Mantra», «PMV Survivor II» entered the main square of the country in the fifth mechanized column. These vehicles are used for reliable protection of the frontiers of the Motherland. 

They were followed by «IVECO» trucks with border guard military staff. They are equipped with anti-aircraft missile systems “ZU – 23”, which are designated for destroy of air targets, personnel of enemy, protection of military convoys and stationary facilities. 

Light armoured vehicles of the Ministry of Internal Affairs like «PMV Survivor II», «Ford», «Chevrolet Captiva», «Toyota Tundra Crew Max», «GMC Sierra 1500 CCSLE» were presented during the parade.

Assault group on bicycles appeared on the square. After, Motorbike column formed XXV figure symbolizing the anniversary of the independence. 

The parade was continued in the air. There were group of strike helicopters “Mi- 17” of the Air Forces of the country flying the State Flag of Turkmenistan and combat banners of all troops of the Armed Forces. They were followed by helicopters «Agusta-139», “Mi – 8” and “Mi – 24”, which are used for protection of the state border including in remote mountain areas. Assault helicopters “Mi -24”, designated for fire support of ground troops, flew above the main square of the country. Helicopters of the Air Forces of the country play important role in provision of security of the Motherland and peaceful life of people. 

The military parade was continued by helicopters «Eurocopter -145» and «S-76» of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, «Agusta-109» of the State Border Guard Service and «Eurocopter -365» of the Ministry of National Security. 

They were followed by modern helicopters «Super Puma» of the Department of Civil Defence and Rescue of the Ministry of Defence, which are used for search and rescue works in any time of the day under different weather conditions during natural and technical disasters. 

Military transport helicopter “Mi – 17”, which is used for transportation of cargo and people, rescue and fire fighting works, appeared in air space. It was followed by two multi-purpose “Mi – 8” transport helicopters of the Ministry of Defence. 

«Diamond-42» specialized airplane for reconnaissance flights and aerial photo and video flew above the square. 

It was followed by group of fighting airplanes “Su-25” and “MiG – 29”. Honouring the event of national calendar, they formed the figure 25 in the air. 

After, the parade was continued by military transport multi-purpose airplane “An – 74”. Combat air vehicles “Su – 25” and “MiG – 29” coloured the sky by rainbow colours flying over the Independence Square. At the end of the show, the group of fighters demonstrated such complicated aerial group stunts as “high fountain” 

Special battalion of the Guard of Honour of the Ministry of Defence appeared in front of the state tribune. Soldiers demonstrated high skills and mastering of manual of weapons. 

Honoured defenders of the Motherland lined up in shape of the great warrior and ruler Oguzkhan, who was the progenitor of Turkmen people and founder of the first state on our land. After, they lined up in the form of the Monument of the Independence and figure “XXV” embodying glorious anniversary. 

Performance of composite military orchestra of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan attached special solemnity to the military parade. 

Next part of the big event on occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Independence of Turkmenistan in front of the State tribune, was opened by traditions by horse riders performance. Acrobatic pyramid, built by brave horsemen flying the Flag of Turkmenistan, became the crowning number of this part of the programme. 

The equestrian parade was relieved by theatre literature and musical show, popular folk dance, theatre other bands of Turkmenistan entered the square. 

The storyline includes banners with tamgas – the prototypes of ancient Turkmen alphabet, what took the spectators to the times of Oguzkhan, whose image was also revived in the performance. Dressed stage play was accomplished by dynamic choreographic composition. 

Representatives of the Mejlis and public organizations entered the square. There were honoured elders from all velayats and grey-headed mothers in the first rows 

The procession was continued by the representatives of Ashgabat hyakimlik. Automobile platform with models of remarkable buildings of the capital, new facilities, monuments, which decorated the main city of the country, went in front of the tribune. 

After, the column of the representatives of science and education sphere entered the square. It was followed by large group of athletes. There were masters of sports, prize winners of national and international competitions among them. 

Under the rhythmic sounds of song about Asian Games, the participants of the show performed a dance with elements of physical exercises. Hundreds of coloured balls flew to the sky. 

The march of economic structures, financial and banking sphere personnel was also very bright. There were representatives of the trade and entrepreneurship of Turkmenistan in the celebration procession. 

Avaza became the next subjects in celebration parade. Yellow, white and blue colours are associated with sun, golden beaches, sea, roar of the surf, seagulls and yachts. The participants of the show, dedicated to National tourist zone, who figuratively reproduced picturesque scenery of paradise part of Turkmen land, were dressed the suits of these colours. 

Public health and medical industry personnel followed them. 

The column of workers of industrial branches entered the square with automobile platform made as mini-plant. 

Personnel of all branches of economy, thousands of people representing almost all spheres of the state and public life, walked along the main square of the country. There were foremost people in industry, famous masters and leading specialists as well as young personnel among them. 

After, columns of personnel of aviation, railway, maritime and river lines sectors marched in front of the tribune. They were accompanied with vehicles decorated according to the theme. 

Workers of fuel and energy complex of the country, which is basic branch of national economy, entered the square. Achievements of oil and gas sphere were visually presented in topical decoration of demonstration vehicle with model of drilling rigs and pipelines. It was accompanied by personnel in work dress. 

The procession was continued by personnel of the Ministry of Construction and Architecture of Turkmenistan. Automobile platform bore the collection of models of white marble building, which changed the appearance of our capital and regions. 

Column of representatives from five velayats of the country and personnel of the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan entered the square. Vehicle platform, decorated by large map where each region conditionally depicted by modern architectural sights, had bright decorations with rainbow of gyols (carpet pattern) as symbols of each region. 

Most bright and large part of the ceremonial procession was given to children. Best children art collectives, young talents and artists made cheerful dance performance, sang joyful song about happy childhood, the Motherland and friendship. 

Bright song and dance composition completed anniversary events at the main square of the country. 

But celebration events were continued around the country in all cities and villages. 

* * *

On behalf of President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, official reception was given on occasion of the national holiday – 25th anniversary of the Independence of the state.